Mobile Personal Alarm

As of 31 January 2017, the Red Button service has been discontinued.

Red Button allows your phone to call multiple friends and relatives fast.

Simultaneous calling from any mobile or landline

Red Button calls your list of friends and relatives simultaneously. The first to answer is connected. This saves valuable time in an urgent situation and connects you to the most available person without needing to think who to call.

Assisted call with emergency services

Your friend or relative can add emergency services to the conversation by simply pressing Zero once on their phone. Red Button does this without placing you on hold. Once connected, all parties can communicate.

Quick, easy
and immediate setup

Your Red Button account takes just minutes to set-up, and works straight away. You can sign up, create your call group and try the service FREE. No credit card required.
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Red Button Keeps You Close

How does it work?

Red Button is an automatic service ready to receive your call.

It instantly recognises your phone number and springs into action.

In an emergency, call Red Button

Red Button is activated by calling 1300 820 493.

To make it faster, store 1300 820 493 in your phone, or use our app (iOS, Android, Windows), or buy the Telstra Easy Call 3 which has an emergency button.

Simultaneously calls your friends and relatives

Red Button retrieves the phone numbers you want called from your account and calls all of them at exactly the same moment.

Red Button is the only system that calls friends and relatives simultaneously. All other systems use sequential dialing.

The first person to answer is connected

Red Button connects you with the friend or relative who answers first. All other people are sent a message telling them that you called and who answered.

Red Button keeps everyone informed of what actions are taken.

Add emergency services to the call

Depending on the nature of the call, your friend or relative can instantly add Triple Zero to the conversation by simply pressing the zero key on their phone. You will both hear Triple Zero answering you can then conduct a 3 way conversation with the Triple Zero operator. This is a unique feature only provided by Red Button. Your friend or relative can then assist by providing information even if you cannot speak and guide emergency services to your location and provide other details.

Automatic messages

When the call is concluded, the person who answered your call receives a message that they can reply to that will then inform everyone else in the group of what took place.

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or see our pricing.
Setup in minutes, and works immediately.
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Keep Your Independence

Why Red Button?

Peace of Mind

When you call Red Button it instantly dials multiple friends and relatives putting you in contact with whoever answers first. Red Button provides peace of mind that you can get help fast in an emergency.

Simultaneous Dialling

Traditional pendant emergency alarm systems dial stored numbers sequentially (one after the other). Red Button is the only system that calls all the numbers simultaneously; that’s why it is so fast.

Calls Emergency Services

Red Button is the only system that allows Triple Zero to be connected to the conversation while the call is in progress. This allows your friend or relative to assist you to talk to emergency services or carry on the conversation if you are unable.


Red Button is not an alarm pendant. Our emergency alarm system works with any phone including mobiles, which means it can be very portable. Take it with you and retain your independence.

Take Action Sooner

Many emergencies are not clear cut causing people to delay the decision to call Triple Zero. Red Button encourages people to act sooner and alert a friend or relative who can then help decide if emergency services should be called.

Simple Integration

Red Button is a service that simply waits for your call. Integrating with your phone is as simple as setting-up a fast method for dialling Red Button. For example, set-up the Emergency Button on the Telstra EasyCall 3 to call 1300 820 493.

Connecting Friends and Family

Telstra EasyCall 3

The Telstra EasyCall 3 is ideal for use with the Red Button system

The Telstra EasyCall 3 is small, light, and comes with a lanyard so it can be worn around the neck.
Simply setup the Emergency Call button to call 1300 820 493

Sign up free

or see our pricing.
Setup in minutes, and works immediately.
No contract. Cancel any time.