What exactly does Red Button do?

About Red Button Technologies Pty Ltd.

Red Button Technologies Pty Ltd (ABN 66 120 049 756) is an Australian company privately owned and operated by Australian citizens. All of our business operations and servers and telecommunication systems are located in Australia. Our main system is located in the Melbourne CBD and our software development and system support is undertaken in Melbourne (Australia). Our business operations are located in the Adelaide CBD. Red Button Technologies Pty Ltd is an Adelaide (South Australia) based telecommunications start-up that develops innovative Cloud Based Telecommunications products. Red Button develops and delivers highly scalable, low cost, cloud based group telecommunications to exploit the mobile internet revolution.

Red Button was launched in 2006 by Marketer & Entrepreneur Justin Wearne and Telecommunications guru Prof. Reg Coutts to develop a cloud based core system for rapid deployment of new Telco products that support online sales generating subscription based revenues. Professor Coutts was a member of the committee formed by the Federal Government to review the National Broadband Network (NBN) strategy, and is an Emeritus Professor of telecommunications at Adelaide University.

Red Button’s first product is a mobile phone Emergency Alert system aimed at the growing Baby Boomer market seeking to self-manage their risk from episodic illness while continuing to live life normally.

Red Button Technologies holds both an Australian Patent and US Patent that protects key aspects of the system and provides further protection for future development of the system into a cloud based communications hub to link biometric monitoring devices/systems with authorised recipients of the data for remote monitoring and autonomous emergency alert activation.

About the Red Button system

Red Button is simply an automatic telephone exchange that instantly routes your call to a group of phones (friends and family) to make it quicker to find a person that can speak to you in an urgent situation. By making one call to the Red Button system (1300 820 493) it allows you to ring up to 9 people simultaneously.

Firstly, you need to set-up an account so that Red Button is primed to handle your call.

Secondly, in an emergency you don’t want to be trying to remember the Red Button number (1300 820 493) so you need to set-up a convenient method to call this number by pressing one key on your phone. The EasyCall phone has a switch on the back that can be set to dial this number and other phones have speed dial capability. Red Button also provides an App for smartphones that can be downloaded from the App store that does the same thing.

What is unique about Red Button?

Two key unique features define the Red Button emergency alert system:

1. Simultaneous calling: All people in the CALL GROUP (friends and family) are called at the same time (simultaneously not sequentially)

2. Instant conference call with Triple Zero: Creating a seamless conference call with Triple Zero (without placing any party on hold).

Red Button is a cloud based application. Almost all phone based applications are limited to the capabilities of the phone handset. Red Button’s capabilities are based on server side technologies providing greater power and flexibility. Operating at network level allows true simultaneous dialling – not possible from a handset because each phone handset only has access to a single voice channel (or phone line).

Patented technology

The setting-up of a voice call from a mobile device authenticating and then establishing a connection with at least one other person with whom the caller has a previous association is covered by Red Button’s Australian patent which was finalised in March 2013. Within the context of this independent claim are a number of dependent claims including the establishing of a conference call.

Red Button Technologies achieved an important milestone with the granting of a US patent no. 8,811,934 in August 2014.

The 2007 priority date is the same year the Apple iPhone was launched in the United States. Although originally conceived to protect Red Button’s cloud emergency alert system, the patents have a much broader application. One example is the use of a cloud based communications management system to act as a hub to route data generated by biometric sensors to authorised recipients. Such a system would be used to manage the accounts of many thousands of people using biometric sensors and connecting them to their individual healthcare teams. The Communications Management System would authenticate the patient being monitored and consult a database to extract the electronic addresses for the healthcare team associated with that patient. This positions Red Button for the development in future eHealth applications.

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First round investment

In November 2009, Red Button Technologies attracted investment from Victorian based Optimation Software Engineering.

Optimation has expertise in the development of high volume, high security and high availability cloud based transaction systems and completed the development of Red Button’s core system in November 2010.

Further Information

Chief Executive Officer, Justin Wearne

Chief Technology Evangelist, Professor Reg Coutts

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